it all started almost ten years ago when we met each other working at a boutique during college. we became instant friends after bonding over boxed wine and hamburger helper. we have one too many stories of us drinking a little too much wine then going shopping and spending a bit too much money. but that's okay because that's why we created this site. for all you ladies to be able to pop a cork and click away, all in the comforts of your own home! for years, we toyed with the idea of opening our own store and finally, we are living out that dream. keep reading to learn 10 things about each of us.


1. country music is my jam- i will bust it down to grippin grain any day of the week though.

2. pizza may be my actual soulmate (sorry babe, you are definitely a close second).

3. my heart lies with the houston astros (craig biggio forever).

4. leopard everything.  it's my neutral.  

5. day drinking is pretty much my favorite..great weather, good buzz and then pass smooth out!

6. cooking never was my thing, but I can make one helluva toddler meal..frozen of course.

7. i have the most amazing best friends a girl could have...our detective skills (known as stalking in some states) are impeccable.

8. working out is something i'll never stick to (that whole "3 days to make a habit" obviously slipped passed me).

9. reality tv junkie (i will watch real housewives religiously until the end of time).

10. my parents, sister, kids and husband mean the world to me - without them THIS dream would never be possible. 


1. i drop the f-bomb a lot, like a lot. but i think it helps to get my point across. “those are f*cking amazing shoes!” just makes them that much more amazing.

2. i love all types of music and am definitely passing this love along to my boys. my oldest son’s favorite songs are hotline bling, girl crush, shake it off and i wanna rock n roll all night #proudmama

3. i’ve always wanted to own my own business and am pretty stoked to be doing it next to one my best friends. #lucky #momtrepreneurs

4. i basically only drink coffee, water and alcohol – i am constantly wondering if it’s too late to drink coffee or wondering if it’s too early to drink alcohol.

5. i would be okay with only wearing black for the rest of my life.

6. i speak my mind – good, bad and the ugly. i will cherish you until you cross me, then i’ll cut you. #joke but i’m proud that i have a husband that knows this about me and still likes me after 12 years.

7. i am a mom to two boys who drive me a bit crazy but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. i have 15 tattoos and want 100 more – sorry mom and dad.

9. i eat pizza with a knife and fork. i rarely eat any kind of food with my hands. i know, weird. my husband calls me “un-american” for this.

10. and lastly, i never, ever discriminate against popping champagne before noon.